wall5Indoor climbing is a sport that is slowly garnering the attention of sports enthusiasts. There are numerous facilities across cities, which cater to indoor climbers. Indoor rock climbing centres or gyms typically offer three types of climbing, such as bouldering, top-rope climbing and lead climbing.

Bearing in mind that indoor climbing centres differ from each other in the facilities they offer, below is a compilation of indoor climbing centres in the city of London.

Indoor Climbing Centres

  • wall6The Arch: This is a bouldering climbing centre encompassing around 11,000 square feet of bouldering wall with a maximum height of 4 metres. The climbing centre has 9 difficulty levels and 300 to 400 different routes that are constantly updated.

Address: 100 Clements Rd, London SE16 4DG, United Kingdom

Website: archclimbingwall.com

  • wall7The Castle Climbing Centre: This is quite a huge facility, offering all three types of climbing in addition to four different levels of abseiling. The centre includes 450 routes for top-rope and lead climbing, with the routes being updated at frequent intervals.

Address: Green Lanes Stoke Newington London N4 2HA

Website: castle-climbing.co.uk

  • wall8Mile End Climbing Wall: The 16,000 sq. ft. climbing centre offers all three different types of indoor climbing. The centre maintains a blog to inform the climbers about the changes in the routes that are being offered. The centre boasts of a unique Monkey House, where routes for bouldering run across the ceiling, as well.

Address: Haverfield Road, LondonE3 5BE

Website: mileendwall.org.uk

  • wall9The Climbing Hangar: This is an exclusive bouldering centre, which offers 100 different problems and three stamina circuits. The centre also includes a barrel and cave. What’s more, the climbers can view others sweating it out from a dedicated viewing gallery replete with comfortable sofas.

Address: 5, Parsons Green Depot, 33-35 Parsons Green Ln, London SW6 4HH, United Kingdom

Website: theclimbinghangar.com

  • wall10The Reach: The climbing centre includes 650 meters of bouldering, 750 square meters of roped climbing with difficulties ranging from 4-8a. The centre also includes top rope routes that go up to a maximum height of 11 meters, 50 lead climbs, and a 4 metre high boulder that is a free standing structure. This centre is considered South London’s largest climbing wall.

Address: Unit 6, Mellish Industrial Estate, London, Woolwich SE18 5NU, United Kingdom

Website: thereach.org.uk

  • wall11Westway Climbing Centre: The centre boasts 200 square meters of bouldering wall, climbing routes that number around 350, and roped lines which are 110 in number and range from F3 to F8a difficulty levels. Bouldering is also offered with difficulty levels going up to V10.

Address: 1 Crowthorne Rd, London W10 6RP, United Kingdom

Website: sports.westway.org


The interest in indoor climbing has increased in leaps and bounds in recent times, not only in London, but across the world. Climbing centres are doing their best to cater to the interests of climbing enthusiasts.

Though numerous climbing centres are mushrooming in the city of London, with a few more in the pipeline, the above list of climbing facilities includes some of the more frequented and popular climbing centres, and includes information about the different options that are being offered.