wall12A climbing wall is a man-made, simulated wall with clenches that aid the climber to scale his way up a structure, which can be constructed outdoors or in a family gymnasium.

There are a variety of climbing walls on the market – from child-friendly to complicated; from superior rock-realistic to intriguing and bright climbing walls. Climbing is possibly one of the finest leisure activities that you can do for recreation and at the same time have the excitement you crave.

These walls are either made of solid blocks or wooden fittings. However, many of the climbing walls are currently being made of solid, thick layers of wood and boards with either clutches or holes bored in them to support hands or feet.

The most common climbing wall is one that is made of plywood; they are readily available and you can easily find one online or in a sporting activity store.

Below are different types of climbing wall systems and their prices:

Stone-Coated Panels

wall13The stone-coated climbing panels would be the best choice for people who are budget conscious. This type of wall surface gives the impression of real rock but at an affordable price. The material on the wall is a blend of resin and gravel, which helps to provide some friction while climbing. The cost is between $1500 and $1900 US.

Custom Climbing Wall

Custom climbing walls include color-coordinated hand holds. The wall comes in a range of dimensions, outlines and complexity levels so that climbers can choose a design that will be challenging yet not be beyond their ability. A 20 foot long wall with two safety mats costs between $5500 and $6000 US. A wall higher than 38 feet will cost a lot more to install. Choosing additional features and flooring will raise the cost higher than standard productions.

Superior-Rock Home Climbing Wall

wall14This type of wall is well-constructed with pockets that provide support for standing and are perfect for homes, gyms, and other indoor sports centres. It provides the climber with various tracks from which to climb and makes his/her climbing adventure a lot more fun.

The superior wall has the appearance of real rock and gives the sensation of open-air climbing. It offers the look and feel of a real rock face. The wall has hand holds of different sizes and shapes as well as providing different levels of difficulty. Superior wall also features the largest hand holds with the easiest grip; smaller hand holds which come in a range of dimensions and offer a simpler challenge and medium-sized ones that provide the most challenge. A single 4′ x 8′ superior wall unit comes with 20 hand holds and 50 grip placement options for mounting. A 20 foot length plus two safety mats costs between $6200 and $7000 US.

Generally, climbing walls built by a professional wall manufacturer averages $25 to $38 per square foot.

The price depends on many factors including;

  • The type of a wall
  • The size of a wall
  • Design (height and the complexity of design)
  • Construction of your house, which determines how the wall will be installed and supported.

The above factors, besides the price, should be considered when contemplating buying an indoor climbing wall. Above all, you need a wall that meets your needs, is appealing, challenging, and provides safety.