wall16A good understanding of the basic principles of climbing an indoor climbing wall is what it takes to win in climbing competitions. Most walls are built to withstand the weight of up to 10 climbers at the same time. With this kind of setup, it means that having a rock climbing race is very possible. Do you enjoy competitive sports? How about competitive rock climbing?

Most people engage in the sport to test their stamina and train their body for upcoming hikes or climbs. As an onlooker, it is possible to bet on this sport. All you need is a good understanding of the various aspects on which bets can be placed. The more aspects to consider, the more the pay-out. Bets can be placed on a mobile phone while watching an indoor climbing competition, which makes the experience even more exciting.

What to think about

It doesn’t really matter what type of betting room you choose online. But there are some stuff that should be useful to know.

– Is it legit
Make sure that the betting site is legit.  You don’t want to ripped off, choose a brand that you know is trustworthy.

– Hidden fees
In some cases betting sites and casino room can take fees that you didn’t about. Like deposit and withdrawal fees.  There are sites that don’t have that kind of fees. Stick to them.

– Fast payouts
An online betting or casino room should have fast payouts to customers when they cash out. Or else, why don’t go to a brick and mortar bookie. Check out fast payout section on casinowithdrawal.co.uk.

Customer Care
Great customer care is important if any question arises. So this is a obvious one.

Fastest to Get to the Top

Before you engage in any sport, including rock climbing that has no defined route to reach the top, it is important to study the available routes. This is important because, in cases of competition, this is one of the aspects that would help a participant to complete the race before others. For a fair consideration of the perfect route, there could be the option of:

  • Tactic
  • Speed
  • Luck

Body Part that Offers Most Support

wall15As with any other sport, climbing a wall puts pressure on some parts of the body more than on others. Since the legs are much stronger as compared to the arms, it is easier for a climber to use leg strength for pulling up their weight. This is a technique that will help conserve energy to allow the climber to last the whole course. If this aspect is considered for betting, it would be to focus on saving energy.

Shifting Body Weight

Since wall climbing involves movement from one spot to another, some rules, such as only using the hands to shift weight and not the feet can be enforced to bring order to the activity. Wagers can be placed on how many times a participant uses hands to shift weight in relation to the number of times they change positions.


It is important to take a break in between pulling your weight up and shifting the position of your body on the climbing wall. For beginners, the pressure on their arms is almost painful, and this is the stage where many falls are recorded. Placing a bet that is related to resting can be based on the period from starting to climb until the first break was taken and the total time of the breaks concerning the overall climbing time.

A game that people engage in for the thrill of it is not easy to bet on because of lack of structures that govern what is considered to be a win. If proper structures are in place, then it will be a perfect betting game because the outcome for most events is not easy to guess.